Ubiquitous Listening Experience

I’d sure like to see the world of file sharing and personalized pirate radio explode in a way that would help to reinvigorate the (gasp!) staling environment that is mp3 drama.

More accurately, I’d like my local favorite coffee shop, The Crazy Mocha in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside, to improve the music that I’m listening to while I’m there. Right now it’s a drab-if-not-utterly annoying combination of whatever the barista feels like listening to. This usually results in some Beatles Greatest Hits record being left to play over and over again or back to back hits from Ricky Martin to Pink to whoever is on the Top 40 station that day.

Imagine this, The Solution

I’d greatly like if all of us hip-and-coffee drinksters were allowed to turn on our iTunes and WiFi in to something, maybe appleTV, that could take songs from our respective collections at random or in a polite one-at-a-time order, and play them for all to hear. As a collective, we could enjoy/endure eachother’s music equally across the board. No more top level down control over the songs. Bigger smiles, which may even lead to bigger tips…

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