Concequences are the Fashion Accessories of a Decision

He didn’t mind the antsy, itchy shoulders or the feeling of being one eight of an inch displaced from his native dimension. The heightened sense of smell seemed, at first, like a bonus, but eventually it just led to a realization of his lack of personal hygiene and that made him laugh a bit. And the mood swings, while he wished better for his friends and family, didn’t bother him much. Getting irritated, after all, could be a nice way to kick and scream like a baby, and due to circumstances, no one would have said a thing to him. People just know when to keep hush hush about certain things.

His fingers wore the scars of his former lifestyle, yellowed, cracked and dexterous, and he would forever be reminded of this past life of sin and disdain for life, both his own and the comfort of others’.

But what he realized, the most painful realization, is that as his sense of smell returned and his mouth became cleaner every day, he regained the ability to taste. And not just subtleties, but major, walloping tastes that had been lost to him over time. He suspected that his affinity for certain foods had developed with age, as a young boy likes nothing better than peanut butter and jelly but a grown man would probably vie for something a bit more substantially savory. He assumed that he now enjoyed eating avocados, oranges, and eggplant because his tastebuds were maturing and these new flavors would not be lost on him.

But now, having left behind a life of indelible satisfaction in exchange for a more sudden onset of death, his tastebuds were actually rearing their heads anew. And nothing would ever taste the same again.

Such is the plight of the man who quits smoking…

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