The Portlandic Chronicles: Coming of Our Home

She waifs through bag after bag of charger, underwear and various everythings as we try and sort out this new and temporary life. What can you see in a wall when you know you’ll only see it for a few weeks?

And that’s a carrying theme throughout the travels as they’ve evolved since placing foot here. Hanging over banisters with smoke trailing all along the route from my fingertips to my jutting elbows I watch perfection go by me and feel as if I’m at the fleeting moment of watching it all go.

Mt. Hood, just then, I realize towers magnificent over the skyline, the single most dominating aspect of the downtown cityscape and proving to everywhere a train could possibly take you that you have certainly arrived. But to what?

Again I revel back in my forsight, the knowledge that what is perfect is fleeting and waxing Pompey over that looming crag and know that, whether willing or not, she was certainly able.

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