Living, Moving, Being

As our time here in this gorgeous Portlandic escape draws itself nigh to an end, I find myself contemplating the better aspects of this shiny existence time and space have dropped into my lap.

Thinking Pittsburgh: I miss family, I miss my local bar, friends, the familiar comfort of the streets that I might walk to, the knowledge of where is and isn’t the best sushi around. Those things are all 3 time zones, 2500 miles and 10-12 states worth of roadtrips away.

But when I’m there I’ll miss the amazing public transportation, integrated nature and bicycle appreciation, not to mention friends here, of this fine city. I’ll miss being ~1hr from the most majestic coast this continent has to offer. Tree lined, canopied streets and the freedom from basically all responsibility.

What is life? What is the struggle, necessary or sought after like a particularly tasty orange, hardest to peel and juiciest, all over your lips and down your hands…can happiness even exist without that struggle?

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