Funeral Marching

At first all serene was implicit
The motorcade hushed along on its way
I watched as the flags all blew handshakes and have-nots
Indicating how we’d not obey traffic lights today

A man with a firm handshake for greeting
Candles and flowers, as if to say
Our condolences yours and solemn puzzled looks
We appreciate life in the most formal of ways

A joke just to break in the family
Emotion is best kept at bay
Composure, we see, is the proper Repliee
When your feelings feel close to on display

And as the crowd ushered itself through the doors
Perfecting their sorrow as has been taught us before
Nephews and nieces while aunts fall to pieces
The children don’t understand what for…
And for the girl in the grave, sleep
For someone who was so good at making a scene
She’s Biblically quiet as of now
And two boys with her blood wonder what’s next all the while

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