Web Design 0.8

Kick ass medievalThe Internet now has over twenty dozen websites: that’s twice as many as it had just 30 years ago. With all of the hubub, how can one be sure their email will get delivered to the right computer station?

Between working in a cubicle for peanut butter ice cream and slave driving to work on the bus a couple of times a month, I can’t imagine where the websites were without this: INTRODUCing the latest, the best, the great in achievements: Kick Ass Medieval Websites Designed!

With this new offshoot of ClickNathan.com you can get all of the following:

  • Flashing Banner ads of three color choices: white, cream and other
  • Contact pages with either your phone number or area code included now, free
  • CSS-based design! By using one giant image your website will be up to coding stadnerds
  • Guarantee yourself complete satisfaction!!!!?!

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