Calling all Parents

Where are the other 28 year old parents of 5 year old little boys at? The type who smoke cigarettes and hope their kids don’t follow in their footsteps, the ones who wouldn’t think a thing wrong with taking a couple of six packs to the side of a river somewhere and drink them sloppy while their kids played with crawdads and skipped stones. I imagined I’d have couples coming over for dinners where we’d either wax nostalgic or reminisce future possibilities through bottles of wine and children passing out in desperate desire to stay up and join in the fun. That I’d drop the boy off at their place one night while I bailed my significant otherling out of another night spent racking up room service at the local jail. To make up for it, I’d take their kid off their hands for the weekend, maybe drive down to Raystown and buy a canoe and see how those types of people live.

What kind of parent provides no sibling support for his chilluns? What kind of person can’t find friends of his own ilk? Who the heck wants to?

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