Boom Chakalakey

The evolution of linguistics, particularly as it applies to what generation’s sayings make it to the next and so on and so forth, is incredibly fascinating. I’ve often wondered how common expressions make it through history, why they were picked up and who came up with them in the first place. While such questions more or less go unanswered to everyone but the most vigilant linguists, I can at least, as a father, see the slow migration toward what may inevitably become future standard banter.

I recall the statement “Boom sha lock lock boom” – some nonsensical rap chorus in a sea of music created almost entirely out of inventing words or saying “uh huh” over beats. Regardless, the boy, a Master Tristan David Swartz, while playing Wii and in an exasperated attempt to inflict upon his Computer 1 counterpart the realization that he did indeed school him, shouts out:

“Boom Chakalakey!”

I see a future where the term has replaced, “Hell yes!” or perhaps even “Woohoo!”

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