Inevitable Re-posting of Wii Related Materials

Seeing as how my first post on this subject has turned out to be the most popular place on my site for SPAMmers, I thought I’d give it another round.

Here is a nifty post about the evolution of the Wii controllers, showing an image of motion sensor controllers that Nintendo was working on in 2001.

Also, according to this article, Wii is the greenest of the current generation of consoles, coming in at 17 Watts vs. 171 PS3’s Watts, 360’s 194 Watts and a toaster’s 866 Watts. Play Wii, save planets.

Oh, and currently, my Brain Age is 20 and my Wii Fitness age is 23. Considering that I’m bruised, broken and my mind feels like mush, I think those are pretty nifty stats.

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