In a Perfect World of Mine

In my perfect world common sense would have outlawed cigarettes by now and never done the same to marijuana. In my perfect world policemen wouldn’t have guns, because no one would, and arguments would be solved with words at best and bloody knuckles at the very worst. Chess boards and pieces wouldn’t be replaced by neighborhoods full of whizzing bullets and dead soldiers. Neither men nor women would have come out as the more powerful sex, and the concept of monogamy would never have been introduced. Children would not be property, and a village would raise them. In my perfect world, governments wouldn’t waste time creating laws that prevent two men from getting the same tax breaks as a married man and woman. CCTV would have never occurred to anyone. The term “the human race” would not exist, as it implies that there is another kind, and since there isn’t, we need to break it up into blacks, whites, asians, etc. None of which are races, really. In my perfect world the concept of a suit somehow being more professional than jeans and a t-shirt would be laughable, if even imaginable. Refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup would be recognized as being every bit as dangerous as alcohol abuse. In my perfect world there would be far fewer fences and even less walls. Buskers would be as celebrated as firemen and accountants largely unnecessary. In my perfect world.

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