Gold Leaf and Hoodies

Come on Eileen is playing on the radio. Outside the air smells like crisp, it’s the second day in a row that Fall is evident, in the air, molasses slow after a long and beef stew hearty summer. When the clouds are overhead and the wind is gently wisping through the space that school buses leave as they make their way around the neighborhoods, it’s cold enough to warrant a hoodie. When the clouds move on and the wind dies down it’s still a bubbling boiling heat. The scent of time progressing wafts up off of my collar and hints at reaffirming my inclinations that it might be time to wash the summer sweat from myself and start thinking Halloween, fireside chats and Oktoberfest.

Winter’s beginning is marked by cold and snow, heavy jackets and too short days. Spring has a distinct smell and is otherwise unrecognizable at first glance. Summer can be officially called in on the first day hot enough for wearing just a t-shirt. But only Fall rings in so majestic, with scents, sights, the sounds of college kids returning to their kegs and school children screaming in the 3pm streets. Happy Autumn, everyone.

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