Great Bike News for Pittsburgh

Bike Lanes Across Birminghame BridgeThere have been a lot of really great things coming out of Bike Pittsburgh working with the city and PennDOT lately. The Alternative Transportation Festival is this weekend, celebrating hybrid cars, peddle pushing and the holy pedestrian. A recent study of the 60 largest US cities shows that Pittsburgh (ranked 57th largest city) has the 17th highest bicycle commuter population. We ranked 8th when measuring how many people don’t even own cars (14% of us don’t) and 7th for taking public transportation (21% ride the bus or T). Also, the Birmingham Bridge which connects Oakland and the Hill to South Side just recently got striped with amazingly apt bike lanes. We checked this out over the weekend and the lanes are huge and very accommodating. This could be the first step on massive improvements to connecting Oakland to Downtown, as it’s right next to the highly controversial stretch of road between Oakland proper and Soho.

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