Pittsburgh Election Results

The polls are in and once again, I’m older and wiser than the mayor of Pittsburgh. At least one of those is true and as I rolled a +12 to Wisdom this morning whilst creating my daily Dungeons and Dorkdons character the latter seems plausible as well. But in all truth and seriousness, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl reins supreme as overlord of Pittsburgh. As such, his duties include serving as Commander in Chief of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chief of Medicine of the StarTrek Enterprise.

In slightly more truth and seriousness, however, I found this map of how who voted where interesting. While Ravenstahl won the election by more than 60% yesterday, his support in Shadyside and Squirrel Hill was lacking, enough so that those are the only two wards he didn’t get the majority vote in. This surprised me as I’ve always thought of Shadyside as a pretty liberal, likely Democratic part of town. Perhaps I was wrong?


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