Washington Gets All Tiffy Over China’s Emissions

I saw this article via Wired’s RSS Feed today, which basically states that China isn’t planning on curbing its growing emissions problem anytime soon. With 1/6th of the world’s population, China doesn’t even emit as many greenhouse gases as the United States, which has approximately 1/3rd of the population as our Red doppleganger.

China claims that developed countries, not developing countries, should shoulder the burden of fighting global warming. Surprisingly, this makes sense to me.

Consider the fact that China is an emerging player in the game, its people are taking to cars and factories in record number as they struggle to get out of poverty and into the Chinese version of the American dream. Of course, the American dream and its equivalents across the 1st World are the reason we’re in this global mess, but still – if China were to begin curbing emissions now it would basically mean they’d need to stop growth.

Further, it’s hilarious that the US would be advocating China get on board with the Kyoto Protocols (which, incidentally, let developing nations like China and India slide on the requirements) when it hasn’t even done so itself.

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