Okay so that title won’t exactly make sense for this article, but I liked it. Some nifty thoughts regarding all things Nintendo and Apple combined.

RemoteBuddy - Wii and Mac like Cheese and ..um..crack?Remote Buddy is a groovy little piece of software that allows you to use various remotes – including Wiimotes and iPhones – to control your Mac. I haven’t managed to try out the iPhone version yet (mostly because my version of the Jailbreak software doesn’t seem to have properly installed) but the Wiimote aspect is kind of nifty. Apparently, if you know what you’re doing, you can even set up some type of sensor bar which will allow you to move the mouse cursor just by tilting the remote around. My experience is limited to mapping the various buttons on the remote to different applications, for instance, I’ve mapped my + button to open new tabs, use left and right to navigate through tabs, and the home button to place the cursor in the address bar. You can give each different application its own button configuration.

It would be great if Nintendo would start making games for the iPhone. Mostly I’d like to play Brain Age on my phone, as I don’t find myself carrying my DS around as often as NES would like me to.

The end.

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