Topping Mt. Washington

Downtown Pittsburgh at NightThe night is young though the day was long and as iMovie toils away importing some footage taken over the past few weeks of Nanty Glo PA I decide to do a Google Search for some evening reading entertainment.

“best places in america”

The search relays its typically impressive 13.2 million results in just over a tenth of a second. Of course, 11 – 13,200,000 are all irrelevant, as I rarely get past the second or third, but digression makes for a long post so I’ll attempt to mimic the results and speed it along. Result one proved uninteresting enough to return me to the #2 pick. “The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America” is an article from USA Weekend where they try and narrow our wide and amberly waving nation into a neat little list of best in show. I begin reading the first article which recants tales of Hollywood Westerns from the Silver Screen era shot in a little town in Arizona. Sounds lovely. I move on, and at number two, to my complete surprise, our fair and three-rivered city shows up with:

Nighttime view from Mount Washington in Pittsburgh

I’ve always thought that the view coming through the Fort Pitt tunnels (which are directly under the very Mt. they’re speaking of) and looking over the city, from Heinz Field on the North Shore to the lighted fountain blasting from the point; all of Downtown’s glassy buildings and into the lights and riverboats of Station Square, and all of this reflecting in the three rivers, was the single most beautiful aspect of Pittsburgh.

Plus I love it every time our city gets into one of these Top 10 lists. 🙂

Here’s a Flickr Slideshow of downtown at night, many from Mt. Washington.

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