Suburbs More Dangerous than Cities

This article is from 2002, but it reports that suburbs, at least in the cities they researched, are more dangerous than the city itself. They looked at traffic accidents and homicides when determining which areas were “dangerous” and I think that’s a pretty good summation, particularly if this study is used to determine how safe it is to bring up young’ns.

Pittsburgh is one of the cities covered, and every single suburb was more dangerous than the city itself, which makes sense to me in a lot of ways. Bridgeville or Beechview vs. Shadyside or Highland Park? I’d rather get caught in East Liberty late at night and alone any day than be waiting for the T in Beechview just a few minutes after dark. Though to be fair, this survey wouldn’t actually count Beechview as one of the suburbs they’re referring to, it’s more focused on “way out there” suburbs which might almost be considered rural areas. Still, Colver and Nanty Glo, PA are much “harder” than Pittsburgh, any day.

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