Interesting Environment Related Postings

Ireland will ban all incandescent lightbulbs, cutting 700,000 tons of carbon emissions each year. They’ll also begin taxing cars based on their emissions. Higher emissions = higher taxes = pricier cars. Brilliant.

Al Gore gives a solid speech regarding the US’s ignorance and lack of involvement in saving the planet and why the rest of the world should just go ahead without them. Let dinosaurs die.

Okay so if you found that a bit long-winded and dry, you’ll definitely want to watch this (much shorter) Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth About Christmas.

England is allegedly planning on building enough wind turbines to power all of its homes by 2020.

From a personal perspective, I’ve seen a lot of strides in the “Green Arena” over the past year. Green is a new buzzword in advertising, which even if that’s all just hype and sales tactics, it still gives some reflection on the average consumer’s desire to have green products. Even as the US said they would not cooperate with climate talks in Bali, the rest of the world said they’d move on without them, then, and the US then said “Uh, okay, I guess we’ll agree…” Hell, even Shawn, who just months ago thought that Global Warming was a sham, has accepted that we may need to develop some sort of underwater breathing apparatus if we want to live in Manhattan after 2050 (unconfirmed?)

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