Newly Year

So I’ve never really been one for New Year’s Resolutions; they’re never kept and always vane, self-serving or worse, cliché.

But the other night, after another marathon drinking session, I decided that my life, as fulfilling as it honestly has been to this point, needs a change. Maybe its just a maturing phase or just realizing it’s time to try something new, but I’ve decided to not just make a resolution, but to make all the resolutions. Namely:

The true end of smoking. I’ve got a determination like I’ve never had before and will even resort the patch if necessary.

Juice fast. An 8 day fast subsisting on nothing but juices to clear out 28 years worth of toxins.

Early to rise. I stay awake until 3:30 or later every night, but after 9pm or so that time is basically spent watching TV and sitting around doing little to nothing else. I’m going to start waking up early and going to bed much earlier.

Exercise. More time awake and less time a blob.

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