Juice Fasting

So I’m on day two of my juice fast. From what I’ve read, it sounds like an 8-day juice fast is the best, as it takes about 5 days for your body to clear out the food in your stomach, liver, etc. I had originally planned on doing this for 3 days, but then thought that perhaps I should go for 8. I’m not really hungry, but like smoking, it’s the process I miss more than the chemical itself (ie, I miss sitting down and eating with my family, “experiencing” food rather than ever really feeling hungry).

Regardless of how long I stick it out for, I’ve taken some measurements: my weight, the girth of my gut right around the belly button (BB), and my actual waistline (W) as well.

Day 1: Weight 186lbs, BB 38.5, W 38.5
Day 2: Weight 181lbs, BB 36.5, W 35.5

I would have thought the 5lb drop in weight was a bit alarming but I have these types of fluctuations regularly. Not a whole lot of side effects thus far; last night I had some headaches and I’ve been using the bathroom a whole lot more than usual, which is to be expected I suppose from getting your intake via liquid and not slow-to-process solids. Also, I got a very painful zit under my lip and I rarely get blemishes, let alone the type that actually hurt.

More to come!

Update Day 3: I’m down to 176lbs this morning. This is a pretty crazy amount of weight to lose over two days, right?

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