Getting Down to the Truth About Bottled Water

Garrison Keillor doesn’t drink bottled water, and neither should you. Or whatever. There’s been a good deal of debate as to whether or not bottled water is actually better for you than tap water. One one side of the argument you’ve got people touting the environmental repercussions of using so much plastic to bottle water combined with the fueling expenses it takes to get water from Fiji to the bottling plant to the grocery store to wherever you live. But aside from Mr. Keillor and his companions, prairie home or otherwise, some people have been saying that chemicals in the plastic will leech into your water if you reuse the bottles.

Here’s an excellent example of the debate. Ideal Bite mentions alternatives, many of which are probably better for the environment (for the reasons mentioned above) however a good deal of debate surfaces over whether or not the chemicals mentioned will get into your water if you reuse the bottles.

I personally like to buy glass bottles, such as Bossa Nova Acai Juice or those Starbucks Frappuccinos you get in corner stores. That way, you not only have a solid, reusable container, but it’s also super nifty looking and makes me feel like I live on an old milk farm.

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