Catholics Force NPR Listeners to Have Babies, Get AIDS

Catholics leaders are evilWDUQ is the main NPR affiliate here in Pittsburgh, PA. That’s right, good ol’ leftist, liberal, stinky hippy, treehugging NPR, and the DUQ in WDUQ comes from Duquesne University, the Catholic run college. So Catholics call the shots on NPR here in PGH.

And in October they declared that Planned Parenthood ads shall not run on NPR. From the Post Gazette, City Paper and Planned Parenthood themselves. I think the City Paper, sarcastic as ever, tells the story best, but feel free to get a more rounded opinion.

I don’t want to bash Catholicism in general. Sure, they transformed a happy little Eastern religion based on doing good and being nice into the longest running business ever. And yeah, they’ve killed, burned and imprisoned (not to mention damned) millions upon billions of people over the centuries. And okay, so they practice the strange custom of only allowing their priests to have sex with little boys instead of women. But surely they’re not all bad. I mean, at least they’re sticking to good, Godly morals and allowing teenage boys and girls to have unprotected sex and make babies before they’re old enough to drive cars.

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