Without Completing Ninja Warrior, You Should have not Spoken to Me

Ninja Warrior!G4 can be given credit for restoring my faith in television, perhaps largely because their version of TV is like the Internet with less jpeg compression and clicking. Star Trek: TNG, Arrested Development and now their latest crowning achievement: Ninja Warrior.

The show is basically an obstacle course where 100 people compete over five stages full of jumps to be jumped, beams to balanced and cliffs to be hanged. It’s pretty over the top, with the first stage closely resembling your average wacky Japanese game show and the other three something more out of American Gladiator. The obstacles all seem to be extremely hard, as typically only 5 or 6 of the 100 competitors ever make it passed Stage 1.

If you don’t get G4, you can watch plenty of the really good stuff at G4TV.com. Here’s a sample.

And today is the last day to vote for the next American Ninja Warrior, where G4 sponsors one lonely American to compete in the next Ninja Warrior in Japan. I particularly liked this guy:

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