Through the Eyes of Tristan David

Tristan recently had his eyes checked and received perfect marks from the doctor. However, these latest photos which he shot personally with the kids digital camera he got for Christmas show that he might just have some type of uber-vision, only foreseeable by children in the near future.

None of these pics were Photoshopped in any way, other than to resize them to fit in this post.

Legs of truth?
Are these the legs of his hero?

The snowballed dreams of youth
Here Tristan attempts to capture the young lust of snowball fights that a child trapped indoors must bare.

Special Police Victims
Here we see the faint semblance of “Undercover SPV” which I can only assume stands for Special Police Victims…

Over the shoulder shot of a woman's ear
Some random relative and the back of her ear, as seen sunrising her shoulder.

The merriment of Christmas
The merriment of Christmas

A Painting by Matthew Kuhar
My dear friend Matthew Kuhar made this painting for me in high school, and Tristan has reinvented it with vigor!

Abstract red image
Even the greatest blur photography out there cannot compare to the power of the shaky hand of hell.

Olivia, the chin
He’s cropped this picture to include only the best parts of his dear mother Olivia, the chin

The merriment of Christmas again
Tristan captures the true spirit of festivities held round the Winter Solstice

The Aunt: Linda
Tristan’s father’s aunt, Linda. What a looker!

A blur of color
I can only imagine what wonderment he saw when photographing this grouping of blurs…

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