Burger King Refuses a 1¢ Raise for Workers

Picture of a tasty, disgusting, life threatening burgerTaco Bell, McDonalds and Burger King all sell two primary products: souls and disgusting pockets of obesity. But when Dark Lord Mickey D and his South of the Border, 4th Meal inventing Chihuahua of a companion decided they would give in and pay a measly extra penny per pound of tomatoes picked to their workers, the Creepy King wasn’t having it.

Burger King refused to pay an extra 1 cent for every pound of tomatoes picked by their workers. And these aren’t immigrants in Mexico or some other place that Americans fear and therefore hate, these are Florida residents. The same place your rich mother goes to retire, fellow Americans struggle to make $10,000 year.

I suppose Kings typically are tyrannical bastards who oppress the very people who make it possible for them to be some filthy flipping rich, though.

Read more about BK’s refusal via this Oxfam article or learn more about the tomato grower’s working conditions and pay via this article by way of Naples Daily News.

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