Anime and Graffiti are not Art

Far be it for me to say what is or isn’t art, but anime and graffiti aren’t.

Or maybe they are, you think, but no, it’s true, they’re not. To be clear, I’m just wondering why people get so into a style of drawing that an entire country all decides to draw the exact same way, eventually leaking out into the rest of the world. And why are the Japanese so obsessed with large eyed, large breasted white girls anyway? What if all of our drawings were of Asian girls who spoke perfect English and dressed like 13 year old voyeurs with a fetish for pedophiles? Surely that would be wrong.

And graffiti, while there is definitely some great graffiti out there and adding color to old busway walls is completely cool in my book, the mainstream of it, where everyone tries to write some clever-though-we-don’t-know-why word like “snap” or “joos” or “butt” in exactly the same style of lettering as everyone else for the past 30 years, seems a bit weak.

So there you have it, my opinion. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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