Obama on the Weekend

Vote for Obama, Change the World!I’m incredibly excited about voting on Tuesday. I’ve never said that before in my life. When it came time to vote for Kerry a few years ago, it wasn’t that I was excited about the prospect of him becoming the next President, but that I was horrified by the idea of four more years of Bush. I’d even venture out on a limb and say this is excited anyone’s been about elections since the days of Bon Jovi acoustically rocking the vote.

On Saturday past, a beautiful shiner of a day where fathers fixed their boy’s bikes, moms power walked with their strollers leading the way and singles everywhere had their dogs pull them around the neighborhoods, my doorbell rings (somewhat hilariously as the door was already open.) A 20-something kid with corn rows and a dapper shirt that managed to convey the message, “You have no idea if I’m going to manage a local farmer’s market or break out my surfboard and hang ten, do you?” appeared in the door frame. The man’s mission was singular, visiting door to door to see if my neighborhood’s denizens could be counted on to support Obama.

I assured him that I would be voting in his direction and the guy thanked me and moved on. The visit had nothing to do with my decision, I was going to vote Obama anyway, but I’ll tell you that no one from Hillary’s camp came my way, and it was recognized.

I also heard Hillary make some statement, apparently she was in Johnstown (my hometown), where she proclaimed that it really didn’t seem like a fair fight because it takes her longer to do her hair every morning. Now, I know that’s just a silly little side comment made with the desire to sway more women to her side, but seriously? I’ve heard all types of remarks about why a woman couldn’t be President — that Muslim leadership wouldn’t take her seriously; that her period would affect her decision making — which I’ve dismissed as silly, if not sexist, attempts to defeat someone based on their gender rather than their personality. But if she’s going to throw stupid remarks like that out their in her favor, then perhaps it’s only “fair” for it to be a two way street?

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