Ask Nathan, a Life in Review

It was years past that my website was a better, more fleeting place and the Blogosphere as a whole was more of a loose cannon, easy to dive into and not tainted with the exploding reality of sharing this or digging that. In those yesteryears, I once operated a small but effective Ask Nathan column wherein I would assist the lonely, the downtrodden, and the online with their daily needs.

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to re-air those question and answer sessions right here, on the very blog which was born from that old, friendly original one all so many days past. And to assure you of my promise, let’s begin here, with today.

Dear aunt nathan,

How can a person remain anonymous if he/she is sending you an email
from their email account? does this not mean that you know who they

your pal curious

Dear PayPal Curious,

The Witness Protection Program was established to hide people from the mob. Mafia is another term for mob. If it wasn’t for the mafia, Robert Deniero wouldn’t be nearly as popular and I wouldn’t be sitting here wondering over the spelling of his last name right now.

Thanks your concerns and don’t worry, Bob, your secret identity is safe with me!

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