Dear Aunty Nathan

Dear Aunty Nathan, (is that the right way to head this? sorry)

I’m old. I have experienced much over my lifetime. I have five children and many wondrous grandchildren. Oh, little Noah was over today, and he was just saying the cutest things. It was so darling when I caught him in a little fibbery. I asked if it was he who used the last bit of the toilet paper. I darned well knew that it was and so when he said it wasn’t, I asked him if he was lying. He kept insisting that he wasn’t lying though. I could tell that he really believed himself innocent. So I asked him if he knew what lying was, and he nodded and said, “Growwwl!” Oh, it was so cute. I phoned his mother up right away. She also thought it was cute. However, when I told my husband about the story when as he walked in the door from work, he seemed impatient with the story and upon my completion of it, he not only said it wasn’t that cute, but told me to leave him alone. And then, he sat in front of the television for the rest of the night and barely grunted his thanks for the dinner I had made him. It was a delicious plate as well with creamy sweet potatoes and a roast smothered with onions. I gave some of the leftovers to my daughter, May, the next day, and she said that their entire family agreed that it was a delicious plate. Since the night I told my husband the story I’ve noticed that each evening he comes home and watches the toob. He never starts a conversation with me. It’s like I have to do all of the work in the relationship. Do you think that that story was cute?

You will be killed by a falling piano. Lucky numbers: 6 19 24 3

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