My Question was Answered on The Rissington Podcast

The Rissington Podcast logo obscurred by wartime cloudsI could’ve sworn I’ve posted about this fine and well podcast in the past, where John Hicks (perhaps most notable for creating the Firefox logo, among others) and John Oxton (perhaps most notable for eating a sandwich with John Hicks on a regular basis) discuss their favorite crackers, cheese or meatstuffs and occasionally discuss all things Web designering, occasionally injecting hilarity into their roughly 45 minute long show.

It’s great, good stuff and if you’re of the type who enjoys acronyms such as CSS, XHTML and even RAF, you might do well to download the episodes from 1 and move on from there. They often answer listener’s questions, typically by making fun of their names or heritage first, and occasionally run out for cake during the show.

I was fortunate enough to be made jest of on their show this past week when they answered a few of my ponderings about child-rearing and content management systems. You can listen to or download the podcast from their website on the Internet via this link.

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