iPhone Apps I’d Buy

  1. Multiple Greetings. I’d like to be able to create groups within my contacts, ie. Friends, Clients, Family,, etc. and then have different voicemail greetings for each group, or even on a per-contact basis. I just like to have goofy messages and don’t want to be limited because of the chance that the President of Creamed Corn might call me.
  2. Web 2.0 Sync. Think syncing Google Calendar with iPhone Calendar, your Camera Roll with Flickr, etc. This shouldn’t even be an app, it should be built in similarly to how Gmail or Yahoo! Mail can be easily synced with the Mail application on iPhone.
  3. Grocery List Sync. The Older Woman and I often venture to the grocery store together and we both have the same grocery list on our phones, but we have to check in and continually see what the other person has already picked up. Something that would sync in real time would be the knees on a bee.
  4. Podcast Aggregater/Downloader. I don’t understand why iTunes can’t fulfill this service on the iPhone just as it does on the desktop, but I’d like to get my podcasts straight to my phone as I don’t want to have to sync every morning before heading out into the world.

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