BREAKING NEWS: Early Morning Email Wakes Up Neighbors

Local resident Sam Brahm mentioned that he and his wife were awoken at 5:47 this morning when, rudely, his brother had emailed him.

“It was even worse,” said Brahm, “because I have to get up at 6 am, and this was just like ruining my last 10 minutes.”

Mr. Brahm goes on to tell the sorrowfully impolite tale of how his brother had forwarded him an email containing pictures of hands which had been painted to look like birds, leopards and other animals. Apparently his brother, Mitch Brahm, who lives in Connecticut but was on holiday in France forgot about the time zone differences and just sent the email while enjoying a croissant.

“I was just having such a hard time even pronouncing the word ‘croissant’,” says Mitch Brahm, “that when I saw the picture of the owl painted onto the back of an old woman’s hand at, all I could do was forward the email along.”

Apparently the email was so loud that it woke up several neighbors in the Brahms apartment complex, causing a baby to cry and two common house dogs to bark.

“I tried to find my computer,” says Brahm, “but it was so loud and I was panicking and it was early, I just couldn’t hit the volume down button at all.” Mr. Brahm reports that while he thought F5 was the volume down button, it was actually F4 or alt+command+*+4 that would have done the trick.

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