Ninja Warrior has Left me, Comcast to Blame

So today I sit down in front of the TV after putting in an 11 hour shift, hoping to death that either my life will end and the eternal misery that is existence will finally come to a completion or, alternatively, that maybe Ninja Warrior will be on G4 and I can rest assured that calm, hilarious, obstacle course antics of a Japanese nature will provide me with some comfort when – bam!

No more G4 on basic cable with Comcast, at least not in Pittsburgh. Keep in mind that basic cable only has like 20 channels. Three or four of them are okay, you’ve got Sunday nights on Fox, one or two hours sometime in the middle of the week on NBC, Reno 911! on WGN and the occasional rare gem on PBS. So yeah, everything except for G4 is horrible. And now it’s gone.

Luckily, we’re leaving Pittsburgh and therefor Comcast. We only really had cable because for some strange reason having basic cable makes having Comcast’s Internet service cheaper. I’ve been waiting for this day, and now I can officially say it:

Comcast, you are now officially on the boycott list. Olivia agrees.

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