Owner of Recliner Seeks Person to Buy It

I was particularly happy with this post on Craigslist:

Hello, I am the owner of a leather recliner. It is a fine leather recliner that not only reclines, but also does indeed rock (when not in the reclined position).

The recliner shows the kind of wear and tear that seems to indicate that someone enjoyed the chair very much, as though it was and still is one of the most comfortable chairs you’re likely to recline on in the near future. The leather is, therefore, slightly worn, particularly on the right arm. Some people refer to this look as “rustic”. In fact, I just referred to it as rustic today.

My family and I are going to be traveling for the next year and won’t be able to give this chair the type of time and attention it deserves, so we’re looking to provide it not only a new home, but also to save some of the environment. That’s right, buying this chair helps save the environment because then it won’t be going into a trash dump somewhere or even need to be recycled because it will do one better than that: get reused by a great person somewhere, I just know it.

Imagine all of the things that a chair like this could have done in it. You might read a book, or a really good book. If you have an iPhone, this chair would be great to sit in and play some games on. There’s nothing like having a seat in this chair after a hard day’s work, either, or so I hear. As you can see from the photographs, a blanket can easily be tossed over the voluptuous roomy seat or arms to create an “effect.”

If you’re interested in this chair or my other chair (pictured below as well), feel free to contact me at the email address above.

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