Personal Memo to my Loyalty

Suddenly it’s upon us, our final night living in Pittsburgh, in this small house which has come to be our finest family home to date.

While existing as both a father figure and a lover of mine foreign woman, a hard working young entrepreneur and a partaker of excessive beerfstuffs with great friends, I’ve been privy to a wonderful life here in the former Iron City, today’s City of Bridges, and it’s been the best time of my life since childhood.

Seeing my son transforming from the smallest stack of blue eyes and wide smiled baby to his current pile of bike riding, frisbee wielding, 6 year old philosopher has been nothing but joy on cake.

Learning to love my girlfriendian wife as more than just a roommate or partner, but a giant thrusting drive to make me realize that with the right attitude and little else, anything is achievable.

Meeting a slew of new friends who make it so very clear that happiness, whether experienced over a slow simmer down lazy camping trip rivers or full blast into the beer filled 5am, is always just a txt message away.

And rediscovering old pals who never fear to help you take on whatever personal battles or Mario Kart championships show themselves on the horizon.

It’s been wonderful living in my city of Pittsburgh, seeing it on the cusp of evolving from old back east logic to a potential new biking, park-slewn paradise of tomorrow.

I feel amazingly lucky, call it karma evening things out from past years of homelessness, divorce and general Nanty Glo, I appreciate everything this time and place have been.

See you in postcards. 🙂

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