On Politics: Lies, Damn Lies and Fox News

So I enjoyed, very much, watching Barack Obama give his speech last night. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love as much as the next guy the sweeping, dramatically colorized, superhero stance and big smile pictures of Obama, and if he were passing out Kool Aid, I’d gladly drink it, however — what I was mostly impressed with was the fact that he gave specifics as to what he planned to do while President.

He specifically mentioned:

  • Not taxing the middle class, in fact cut taxes for 95%.
  • No more tax cuts for companies who ship jobs over seas.
  • Tax incentives to those companies which do create good jobs in the US.
  • Improve education by giving teachers more support and better pay, while providing tuition to kids who can’t afford but deserve and desire to go to college.

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