Why Cyclists Have to be Assholes

Motorists often feel and state that there isn’t room for bicycles on the street. Some beep and scream and go as far as to try and run people off the road. These people are fools, ignorant to the law, and a disgrace to humanity. Truly, unamerican, at the least, violent criminals at worst.

Today, while riding my bike to deposit a check in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, not traveling more than 3 miles total, I was cut off twice and denied my right of way twice. Understandable, as I’ve come to expect small mindedness, rudeness and sheer stupidity from small town and suburban Pennsylvania. After all, these are the same people who raise their children as racists, though they have never lived near anyone who wasn’t white. The same people who don’t even bother with listening to Presidential debates because Barack Obama’s name rhymes with something.

What did surprise me was when a woman dressed in a tan police officer’s uniform honks like crazy at me and then swirves toward me, forcing me into oncoming traffic, which thankfully was going very slowly due to a red light.

So it’s no wonder cyclists swirve in and out of traffic and ignore street laws, because they’re not afforded the same respect motorists give eachother.

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