Safari Browser Screenshot Template (PSD)

Safari Screenshot Photoshop TemplateI often find myself, as a designer of the Internet, in need of providing screenshots that actually set inside of a browser’s chrome, so that I can show an example of a web page as it would appear in the browser itself.

I’m guessing there are some other folks out there as well who find themselves in this same situation, requiring a screenshot of a particular page as it appears in the actual browser, and therefore I’ve made this simple Photoshop Template (PSD) for the downloading.

Now everyone knows that Safari is the best browser, for many reasons: 1) it’s the most beautiful, 2) Apple made it, so somehow the Lord Jesus Christ must have been involved, 3) it runs on Webkit, etc. etc.

This screenshot was actually taken in a Firefox installation set up with GrApple, so it basically looks very similar to Safari. There are multiple layers for writing your own Titles, URLs, or Google bar searches.

Enjoy. :!

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