My Entire Adult Life Has Been Lived Under George W. Bush

I distinctly remember not voting in the 2000 Presidential Election. I was 21 years old and lived in a studio apartment with two room mates and thousands of roaches. The past couple of years worth of media had been all about how Clinton was a bad person for having sex with an Intern, bad enough to be ousted from his position as leader of the free world, so politics in general didn’t exactly put a spark in my eye. And frankly, as a college kid, I was more concerned with how I was going to make my paycheck stretch from beer to beer than with the state of squabbling between two old guys who wanted to live in a white house.

Since then, I’ve grown up quite a bit. In the past two presidential terms I’ve had a child, graduated from college, got married, bought my first car, moved to a new city, got my first “real” job, bought a house, got divorced, met a woman in England and moved in with her, had my house foreclosed, moved back to my old city, started my own business, got married again and began to live full time in an RV while trying to travel the country. Quite a bit of living done in 8 years if I do say so myself.

Tonight it dawned on me that my entire adult existence has been lived under the terror of George W. Bush’s reign. If all of that is possible under a tyrannical lying murderer, imagine what could be done in the next 8 while Obama is the president.

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