The Evolution of Self via Blog

I’ve been pushing the fingers to the keys here on my blog for over four years now. That’s a good deal of time, seeing as how aside from being a father, I don’t think I’ve ever been anything for more than four years. I’ve certainly never held a job that long, never had a girlfriend that long (though we’re getting there, eh babe!) and I’m not sure I’ve even participated in any particular hobby for such a time.

What I find interesting is the evolution of what this blog has been over the years. I haven’t perplexed my brainstem over it in quite some time, though in days of yore I would be very consumed with whether I was becoming too commercial or too boring or if what I was writing about was in the proper context to find itself here and on my blogsite. I gave up on that, because the only reason I started writing here in the first place was to have an outlet for writing in the first place.

I’d spent much of my teenage life, my homeless days, and my college life writing in notebooks; the majority of which had been lost or burned for warmth, and the ones that did remain were becoming incredibly cumbersome to tote around. Now, four years of the near-every-other-day written word can fit into the size of a pinhead on a server in Santa Monica.

Nonesotheless, it’s incredibly fascinating to see the evolution as it has happened, though I’m likely the only one to have witnessed it as my long term readership is slender at best (as, I have no illusions to this, my overall readership is little to nil). Most fascinating to me, no doubt, for having a chronicle of the past four years of my life to peruse at will, if I were to ever get the inclination, and the validity of existence it gives me at the very minimum is a nice massage on the old ego. But even from the outside, to see how a person in my various predicaments might change over life and time.

What began as simple revelations over nothing, musings on a young Internet evolved into somewhat eloquently written observations on life, nature and my environment, in turn (d)evolved into matters of political discussion, of anger towards the state of society, and slowly moved into my general thoughts on my profession, mostly. Were you to read from beginning to end, you could see the childish plaything move onto the curious observer grow into the troubled world participant slow into the consumed professional. To summarize your life in a sentence is saddening exercise indeed. 🙂

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