More on Politics? Give me a break, Mr. Spacely

Apparently there’s some type of election going on, and so the two people who are soon to be leader of the free world will talk it out over American flags and bald eagle logos tonight. I think I preferred it when kings would joust to the death for the amusement of everyone in Hollywood.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention, and this is bias, because like all intelligent people, I’m an Obama supporter over John McCain, but I noticed that when John McCain preaches to his choir, you hear a bunch of people booing; when Obama lords over his followers, they are all cheering.

Why is this? Obviously McCain’s supporters aren’t booing him, their fearless leader. They’re booing Obama. Meanwhile, Obama’s supporters are cheering him on.

The point? You don’t hear McCain supporters screaming and proclaiming their love of their candidate, only their disdain for the other candidate. When McCain gets a follower, he does so through slandering his opponent. Obama’s supporters do so because they believe in him.

I’ve never believed in anyone in Washington before now, and between the two choices, only one really does inspire hope vs. fear and hate.

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