8 Ways to Be a Better Person, Sketch a Woman Nude, Look Better on Radio and Finally See Bigfoot

iTunes and sweet, sweet SeliphieFor those of you who read the blog, and thank you very much by the way, but haven’t yet had the chance to listen to my podcast, simply and beautifully titled “ClickNathan the Podcast”, perhaps you don’t know what you’re missing, eh?

  1. 7 hilarious episodes (and one that’s only slightly hilarious) easily downloaded from or subscribed to in iTunes. You can also just listen to them right here on the site.
  2. Hard hitting facts such as made up stories about setting world records by wearing long hats and the plight of the modern elf in an all dwarf world.
  3. At least two accents per show. Usually more, just for you.
  4. Podcasts that are so free, they might even earn you money. If you listen to them while you work, for definites.

So please, stop wasting time rereading this post and just listen to the first episode already.

And if you’re still not convinced, take the word of Seliphie, who left the only (raving 5 star, I might add) review on iTunes:

This dude is awesome! This show makes me want to move to Pittsburgh.

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