So Nathan, What’s with the Lack of Posts?

Thank you, dearest readers, for your loyalty and humble fromage…however, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting quite as much lately. That means less political rants about the status of my local bus stop, less sacrastic attempts at dissecting the human psyche for the purpose of good times, and less writing long paragraphs about the beautiful subtle nature of that first day smelling Autumn.

Fear not, though, while I have been posting less frequently, I will not neglect my blogging duties (we all remember the blog scare of September 2005….). I have simply been writing over at, a website 100% dedicated to our life on the road.

Life on the road?

That’s right, my dearest family and I have taken up the full time RV lifestyle as of a couple of weeks ago. There are three of us, for those not “in the know”: Tristan, the rousty youth, Olivia, the sexy foreign lady, and myself, the guy who thinks he’s the most important one. We live in a 29′ RV that could probably fit into your living room, floorspace wise, and we’re traveling the North American continent, primarily that bit known as the USA.

We’ve got blogging, info on RV type stuff, and also photos, videos and a soon to come podcast. So please do enjoy, if you’d like!

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