Why I Support Barack Obama (or, 10 Reasons to Vote Today)

Ten Reasons I’m for Barack Obama:

  1. He is an intelligent man. I have met few intelligent men who fight first and think of the repercussions later.
  2. Even while others used his race against him (both blacks and whites), he rarely felt the need to use it for his cause. He knows that he’s black, he doesn’t need to constantly remind you.
  3. He embodies what I believe is the ideal American, the original American: his parents were not an homogeneous couple from a Wal-Mart ad, but two very different people. Having an influence from both an American-born parent and a foreign-born parent will do well to balance you out, which is particularly important in a country where we think we are the world.
  4. The rest of the world loves him. We need to rebuild many relationships that were destroyed by the cowboy mentality of the past 8 years and the world is not so forgiving, but they do seem to love Barack.
  5. Barack Obama wants to spread the wealth around. That is not a bad thing. 98% of Americans work for 2% who get all of the riches, and then use those riches to become more rich, more powerful. It’s time we took back from the rich what we’ve given them over these past centuries. Socialism is not the answer, but this degree of capitalism is no better.

Five Reasons I’m against John McCain:

  1. He repeatedly states that his opponent should be responsible for the statements and actions of his campaign people and supporters — and that Obama should denounce and publicly apologize for these people — but when that mentally unstable Pittsburgh woman tried using racism to support McCain, he neither apologized for or denounced her.
  2. His speeches more often than not inspire the crowd to boo his opponent rather than cheer for him, and have incited remarks that reflect his devout followers to be racists, ignoramuses and the type of people who have literally threatened to kill Obama. “Kill him!” has been heard at more than one McCain rally, in reference to Obama.
  3. More often than not, he allows his supporters — including campaign managers and Sarah Palin — to spread rumors that Barack Obama is a terrorist, that he is a Muslim, and that he wants to raise everyone’s taxes, because he’s aware that Americans are afraid of these three things. All three of which are a lie, by the way. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying. George Bush killed over 3000 American soldiers with his lies.
  4. In a time of economic crisis where Americans everywhere are struggling, McCain spends $150,000 on clothes for Sarah Palin. If this money was used specifically for campaign purposes, that’s $150,000 for 2 months worth of campaigning, which breaks down to more than $2400 every day. This is a person who will be in charge of how our tax dollars are spent over the next four years, and he’s already spending thousands of dollars a day on the pork for his lipsticked pig.

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