Firefox F*cking Up Again

I love the Fiery Fox which is my browser. It’s got a stylin’ logo, all the cool kids are doing it, and those plugins are just so touchably soft. It’s just too bad that it seems to break every few months.

I began using Firefox like every other self-respecting geek out there, in the Beta releases. It served me and my kind well for months, nay, even years. Then, sometime in the summer of 2007 I noticed it was crashing every .07 nanoseconds. The problem seemed to stem from having too many tabs open and too many plugins installed, the latter was obvious from the getgo, you can only shove so many eggs in your mouth before one of them eventually cracks open, filling your teeth with oozy egg drippings.

I left the Fox, as I assume dudes are calling it when discussing the browser at the bar, earlier this year in exchange for the cleaner, sleeker, less feature-rich Safari. I wasn’t satisfied, but I tricked myself into believing I was for months. Then FF 3 came out and I switched back, everything seemed back in order: God had finally realigned the scoliosis of the universe and all would be perfect from now on.

But alas, here we are only a few months later and Firefox is acting up again. Yesterday the Find feature didn’t work, neither via the keyboard shortcut or the Edit > Find menu item (why is Find under Edit anyway?)

Then Google Maps wouldn’t work, though it did so in Safari.

Stylesheets weren’t loading either, across multiple sites, different pages. Have you ever seen the Internet without stylesheets? It’s like 1993 all over again, but this time Kurt Cobain’s already dead.

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