The Status of Pittsburgh’s Hostel

I’ve always thought of Pittsburgh as a big up-and-coming city, and in recent years it’s been really moving in that direction. Bike lanes are popping up everywhere, there’s a constantly growing local arts scene, our transit system is headed for an overhaul and the rivers are finally beginning to get cleaned up a little. But we’re still without a hostel.

So today I bring some good news. I’ve been working with a group of individuals who’s goal is to get us back in business when it comes to the business of hosteling. Many people have contacted me over the years due to my previous post, Pittsburgh Needs a Hostel so I know that interest is there, we just needed someone to put it together.

They’re not all the way there yet, but I can say that they have been doing the kinds of research and exploration that will help this hostel succeed where the last one did not. For more information or to help, visit the new Pittsburgh Hostel website.

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