An iTunes Rating System for the Ages

Ah, iTunes, how we love to hate you. On one hand, you provide food for our children and pet our dogs when they’re feeling cranky. On the other foot, you call our wives fat and send us birthday cards without any money in them. Regardless of how you feel about iTunes, one thing is for sure: the starring system is kind of lame.

I mean, why would you have a song that you only give 1 star to? Even 2 stars? Who wants music they don’t like hanging around on their machines, wasting valuable filespace and cluttering up our Cover Flow? The only reasoning I could see behind this is that a person might want to download entire albums and keep every song, even if tracks 1 – 9 are utter suckfests (ahem, the new My Morning Jacket…)

So I’ve developed the following system for getting the most out of your iTunes stars.

  • 5 Stars. A song you absolutely love. The ones that still make you cry/beam/mosh/whatever you’re into.
  • 4 Stars. A pretty darn good song. Better than average and whatnot.
  • 3 Stars. A song you like. If you heard it on the radio, you wouldn’t turn it off. These are good filler songs, so that you don’t have to listen to only your favorites and wear them all out.
  • 2 Stars. Don’t use the 2 star option. It’s lame.
  • 1 Star. Songs you’re not sure about yet, which perhaps need some more time before being thrown away.

Okay so with that system, go off, make yourself some wonderful Smart Playlists and until next time, the comments section:

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