My Health Care Plan, The End.

To those opposed to socialized health care, to the government giving it to us completely free, without cost, consider why you’re afraid of this. We have many socialized programs today, the biggest one I can think of being the national highway system, and every other road you drive on. You don’t pay every time you hop into your car and drive across town, across the state or across the continent. Sure, roads often have potholes and don’t always go exactly the route that you’d like, but more or less they get you where you’re going. In fact, I would argue that their are far too many roads. Personally, I’d prefer a bit more distance between where I am and where you are, to be honest.

So the government socialized roads and we still have a world class highway system, so much so actually that America has become such a bunch of fat asses that going to the beach, once a feast of curves and tanned lady skins, is now the leading cause of blindness in young males between the ages of 14 and 37.

Of course, the roads aren’t actually free. Every time you fill your tank up you pay a gas tax which goes toward highway maintenance, as do various other fees associated with having a car such as registration, title, etc. It’s actually a pretty solid system because the more gas you use, and therefore the more you travel/use the roads, the more you pay for them. Perfect.

So why couldn’t health care be the same? We currently trust the government to run a completely socialized version of health care for our veterans, and these are our greatest heroes, right? And to pay for this would be simple, just tax the hell out of everything that is fiercely known to make you sick. The more expensive things are that are “bad” for your body, the less people will be able to participate in their use, thereby lowering the amount of sick people considerably, and for those who wish to continue in their harmful actions (I will smoke, for example, until cigarettes are $25 / pack), they are able to do so and help to pay for the care they’ll one day require.

Examples of items that should be taxed:

  1. Alcohol in any amount greater than 1 regular bottle of wine, 3 beers or 3 shots at a time. All alcohol served in bars.
  2. Cigarettes, which are already ridiculously taxed and when Clinton first put that taxation in place we were told this would go to pay for health care, which it doesn’t. I should know, because I smoke like a fiend and I don’t have health care.
  3. Fast Food. $1 for a bacon double cheeseburger? Not in my new health care plan, any food that was served up in a fashion that was meant to allow you to consume 500 – 2500 calories in less than 15 minutes would come with such a hefty tax on it that people would only eat it because they needed to consume that many calories, not because it was cheap and easy.
  4. All fake food, in fact. Partially hydrogenated whats, modified soy this and high fructose that would all come with way too high a tax to make these ingredients the primary staples of our diets. If the label can’t be read by a child just learning to read, add another 20% tax to the product.
  5. Driving your own automobile. What is more dangerous than trusting average people to drive around 2 ton death machines at 75 miles an hour only inches away from one another while traveling in the opposite direction? Driving is dangerous, to the people in the car and outside, and should be taxed big time.

The list goes on and on, basically anything that contributes to x% of health care costs which isn’t a natural factor (for example, rebuttals such as “Well then we should tax breasts because they cause breast cancer” are precisely as idiotic as the person who thought of it.)

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