Ahh, to be Young Again

The old man looks back on his life and wishes he could do it all over again, oh the changes he would have made, oh the living he would have done. The young boy looks forward to adulthood, rushing through his youth.

We are so rarely satisfied with our current station in life, too often trapped in reminiscent nostalgia or making plans for future ambitions that we miss the only part of existence that matters, as it is the only part that is real, the living present. I am a happy camper for every day I learn to live a little closer to the moment. I am endlessly intoxicated by a drive to explore, to adventure, to sit and ponder the future and what grand goodness it will unfold before me, though I’ve noticed that life doesn’t unfold as much as it unravels. The analogy of time passing is perhaps more akin to kicking the sheets off of the bed throughout the night rather than making the bed in the morning.

I find it interesting, my current desire to live now, the shedding of my recent love of thinking toward the future, and how those compare in contrast to my younger self, always full of desire to get back to the past, to when things were better, the good old days. Maybe we’re not in control of how we look at our lives in the universe at all, perhaps the situations we find ourselves in dictate our ability to enjoy present over past or future.

The means, not the end.

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