Why Twitter will Never Catch On

Catchy subject, I know, and completely irrelevant. I’ve just been sitting here thinking of a title for this little ditty I’m going to call my only third post of the year and that one seemed too bouncy to push aside. Now that the hilarity has ensued, let me dive into the post at 20 past the 4th hour after high noon.

I have a novel in me, I’m sure. Well, maybe not another one, but I’ve written two so far and so I can safely say “I have a novel in me” when at the local Starbuckery participating in the morning shindig. Unfortunately, however many verbs, nouns and varietals I might use to conjunct them into a sentence, I am unable to do so in a complete enough manner to finalize one. But I’m on the way to my latest attempt at an “On the Road” if you will, and finding that handwriting is infinitely more time consuming and gratifying than typing, even at a whopping 113wpm that I find myself up to as of late.

I also have an itch to go a-farming. Two horses running through a big white fenced in farm. A dog or three roaming the grounds. Fresh eggs from the chicken coop. Maybe an old dirt road leading up to it all, winding it’s way far off from some back county road into the forest. I’ll no doubt chew on a piece of straw between fixing the tractor and mending some fences. I hope I don’t have any neighbors, but if I do, I hear they’re big fans of that fence mending.

Unless they’re ranchers. Then they’ll probably try and drive their steer through my corn patch and I’ll have to prove to them that I can make it in Montana by herding their livestock through the main thoroughfare while keeping the Fonz happy at the same time. Jumpin’ the shark…

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